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to 369 are not shown in this preview. Gently touch her shoulder with the tips of your fingers and then stroke them downward with a bit more force. Just don't try this move when it's hot out she may sweat there a little, and you don't want to embarrass her. Women love to be touched like this too. Here are some things you can try: Lightly trace a circle in her palm. Early in the relationship, caressing a woman's hands can be one of the safest and most intimate places.


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You can also give her a gentle kiss, pull away, stroke her lips with your finger, and then lean in for another kiss. Already have an account? This is a more sexual area, but if you're at that point with the woman, then sometimes nothing can be better than gently caressing her on the navel. You want to keep your touch light but meaningful. 5, stroke her hair. 3, caress her ears. She will love you for it and you will enjoy discovering them! Then, gently massage the soles of her feet, the knuckles of her toes, the pads of her toes and feet, and even the area on the top of her foot. This is a very sensitive area and she will definitely feel a tinge of pleasure when you touch her here.

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Wie masturbiert man viel wichse You can also caress a woman's knee just by lightly stroking it when you're sitting down, even if she's wearing pants. Sources and Citations Did this article help you? Be very gentle, at least at first, because her feet may be sore, especially if she's been on them all day, and then work your way up to 50plus treff villingen schwenningen massaging them more thoroughly, by kneading her feet with your fingers. If you know she is willing, you can slowly run your hand along the top of her leg then down along her thigh. If you're alone and the mood strikes you, you can use both hands to firmly push into the area above her shoulder blades to knead out some of the tension in her body. Gently hold onto one of her fingers with two of yours and stroke it up and down. You can caress other parts of her body and then return to the navel if you really want to drive her wild. If you really want to give her a good foot massage, you can even rub some oil or lotion onto your hands. As you kiss the woman, hold her face with one or more of your hands. If you're already intimate, you can also brush your lips along her ears that will drive her wild.
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