Wellbeing at the spa or institute

When the body is tired, it is the face and complexion that describe it the best. So, during a relaxation session in inexpensive spas, consider incorporating facials into your ritual.

Why a facial treatment

The face, like the complexion, is a reflection of health. Thus, during a relaxation session in a jacuzzi, it is strongly recommended to take a facial treatment so that when you leave, you will have a radiant complexion of beauty, a perfect complexion.

Facials in a salon or spa are not just limited to the perfect complexion. In most cases, at home, we perform a simple treatment such as exfoliation, mask and hydration or night cream among others. In institute, a ritual will be proposed to you according to your request: anti-aging, regenerating, moisturizing, the list is exhaustive. Thus, a beautician will take care of you and pamper your face for 3/4 of an hour on average.

Course of the session

To begin with, it will be essential that you inform the esthetician of the type of treatment you wish to perform. If you are not sure of your choice, she can always guide you and then suggest the ritual that suits your needs and expectations.

A facial treatment session will always begin with a facial make-up removal to remove traces of make-up and impurities on the skin. For a deep cleansing, an exfoliation will be carried out with devices such as an ozonator to purify the skin. Once the skin is clean and the pores are enlarged, the skin is more receptive to care and it is possible to apply a mask. After the mask, we go to rinsing and we will spread a thin layer of care cream to apply with devices to perfect the care.

The end of the session will end with a little beauty treatment and a combing of the hair so that you have a fresh and rested complexion when you leave the spa.

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